German Woodpole Association (Deutscher Holzmasten­verband e.V. - DHMV)

The German Woodpole Association (Deutscher Holzmastenverband e.V. – DHMV) is the professional representation for all significant German manufacturers of timber poles for overhead lines (for telecommunication and power transmission purposes).

Representation of the economic and technical interests of the pole producing industry and promotion of application of wooden poles belong to its statutable tasks.

The members of the DHMV are serving all considerable consumers in Germany as there are the German Telecom and all big energy supply companies.

These customers make very high demands on timber and impregnation quality of the delivered poles. These demands are accurately defined in technical specifications and standards. All members of DHMV are up to these marks.

For the production of wood poles they only use soft wood species, which are practical equal in their technical properties and which have proved their worth over many decades.

Only well assorted raw wood is used. Dressing, storing until reaching treatability and processing according to customers requirements are the next steps, followed by preservative treatment either in a vacuum-pressure process by using water borne type preservatives or in a Rueping process by using Creosote. Wood poles impregnated with water borne type preservatives often get an additional engineered protection barrier. This separation of wood-soil connection avoids any direct contact of wood to soil, which is occupied by wood destroying organism. A factory production control as well as an inspection by a third party ensures a constant quality of the poles.

The members of the DHMV are characterized by product quality and enthusiasm for innovation. Their cooperation in standardization committees on national and European level secures that the production is always on state of the art. Numerous amendments and new product developments derives from members and found one’s way into the technical specifications of the customers.